Westerman Therapeutic Massage

3000 Mt Read Blvd, Suite 101
Rochester NY  14616

Phone: (585) 413-3783

Westerman Therapeutic Massage

Westerman Therapeutic Massage

3000 Mt Read Blvd, Ste 101
Rochester, NY 14616
(585) 413-3783

Whether you would like a light, relaxing massage or need deep tissue work to relieve and manage chronic pain, Steve will work with you to understand your needs and to design a treatment plan that is right for you!

Services Offered:
• Swedish Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage & Myofascial Release
• Sports Massage
• Pregnancy Massage
• Chair Massage
• Aromatherapy
• Raindrop Technique
• Reiki

Other Services Available:
Chair massage is available in the office or at your location, as well as on-site massage for those in the hospital, hospice care, nursing home, or other treatment facilities.

Benefits of Massage:
• Reduce Stress
• Relieve Tension
• Increase Energy and Alertness
• Boost Your Immune System
• Help Manage Chronic Pain
• Relieve Numbness
• Heal Injuries More Quickly
• Increase Circulation

Reiki is literally translated as "universal life force energy." Reiki is an ancient relaxing, and gentle art, used to relieve pain, complement ongoing medical treatment, and promote self-healing and a sense of well-being. To receive treatment, you will lie on a comfortable table, fully clothed, while the practitioner transfers energy by placing his or her hands on the body in a pre-determined, well-defined pattern.

Essential Oils:
Westerman Therapeutic Massage uses Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils. For more info, please see www.youngliving.org/steven546346

Raindrop Technique:
The Raindrop Technique is a method of applying nine pure therapeutic grade essential oils and oil blends to the back, calves, and feet in conjunction with reflexology and massage techniques in an attempt to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment.

The oils applied during the Raindrop session will help kill the bacteria and viruses that embed themselves into the spine. This will reduce inflammation and allow the spine to realign itself. Because all of the body's organs are connected to the spine via the nervous system, their functions should improve as well.

The basic oils used are: Thyme, Oregano, Basil, Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram, and Peppermint, along with essential oil blends of Aroma Siez, Valor, and pure vegetable oils. These blends contain various single oils of Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, Spruce, and Lavender. Additional oils may be applied to address specific health concerns.

Gift Certificates
Give a massage! It’s the perfect gift for any occasion! For your convenience, we can take your information over the phone, and mail the gift certificate(s) directly to you. Or, you are welcome to call ahead to arrange a time for in-person payment and pickup.

General Office Info:

Office hours are flexible and arranged by appointment only. Call for your appointment today! We accept cash, checks, VISA, and MasterCard. Steve Westerman is an authorized MVP (formerly Preferred Care) TriVantage provider. He is also willing to work with most insurance companies for no-fault accident cases.

Steve Westerman has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 15 years. He has extensive experience working with the elderly and those confined to wheelchairs through his work in nursing homes, hospices, and Finger Lakes DDSO group homes.

He has helped a number of stroke patients as well as those with arthritis, spinal stenosis, cancer, and other serious medical conditions, as well.

Steve has had additional training in myo-fascial release techniques, aromatherapy, and Raindrop technique. He is also a Certified Level III Reiki Master. Steve is a graduate of the New York Institute of Massage and has been a member of the American Bodyworkers & Massage Professionals Organization (ABMP) for more than 15 years.

Call for your appointment today! Ask about the special discounted rate for your first massage!

Licensed Massage Therapy, Rochester, NY. Practicing for more than 15 years. Specializes in deep-tissue work, raindrop technique, sports massage, pregnancy massage, myo-fascial release, aromatherapy, and stress reduction techniques. Level III Reiki Master.

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